Chatham Solves a Problem

For all those who have experienced Chatham, the feeling is unanimous. Chatham is by far the jewel of the Cape.  From a lifetime of national travel, I find Chatham to be among the top 5 strolling towns in the country.  With a diverse array of merchants, exquisite restaurants and The Chatham Squire, the town has something for everyone.

But one thing has challenged Chatham for over 20 years. Parking.  The popularity of Chatham attracts visitors from all towns throughout the Cape.  For a great many, they will crawl through traffic in hopes of finding a parking spot.  Discourages, they leave the town without the pleasure of shopping our unique stores or enjoying our many fine restaurants.

Throughout the past decades, committees have been meeting to resolve the dilemma. During the summer, signs direct visitors to the middle school and grammar school for a trek into the center of town.

On January 23 at the Town Meeting attended by 270 residents, Chatham took a giant step to alleviate the problem. A vote passed to spend $2,500,000 to purchase the Eldridge Garage, located on the east end of Main Street, on the way to the lighthouse.

The purchase hopes to provide between 90-100 parking spots, a public restroom and a small park overlooking Mill Pond. This is the last large parcel of land on Main Street.  The overwhelming support of residents also keeps this valuable spot from being developed by up to 3 McMansions.

So enjoy your next visit to Chatham and the Carriage House Inn. We’ll save a parking spot just for you.

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