Record Whales this Spring returning to Cape Cod

This Spring is starting out to be a record season on Cape Cod for whale watching. The whales are back in record numbers and Spring is an ideal time for a trip to view these magnificent creatures! Take a 3 hour journey that leaves from Provincetown daily. The Dolphin Fleet cruise line, operating since 1975 and the first to operate whale watching tours on the East coast, will take you to Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary, the whales’ favorite feeding grounds. Each year, beginning in late winter, whales return to The Sanctuary, which encompasses over 600 square nautical miles, about 26 miles east of Boston, 6 miles north of Race Point and 7 miles from Gloucester. Because the water is shallow here, plankton, upon which whales feed, rises closer to the surface.

During your excursion, naturalists will help you spot, identify and learn more about these gentle giants. You are likely to see humpback, finback and minke whales, and possibly the rare right whale of which only an estimated 600 exist worldwide. No words can describe the thrill and awe associated with each sighting. Perhaps you’ll see whales breaching (leaping straight out of the water into the air), spyhopping (holding their heads high out of the water as if having a look around) or sounding (executing a dive). Sometimes, a whale will slap the water with its flippers as if greeting you. Tim and I went last spring and we spotted 26 whales and a few even followed the boat back to the harbor, it was well worth the trip.

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