Chatham Pier Fish Market the Quest for the Best Lobster Roll Continues!

Last week a girlfriend of mine from Charleston, SC drove into town and neither one of us felt like eating at a restaurant (as we were both in shorts and play clothes) so we threw some beach chairs in the trunk of her car and drove the ½ mile from the Inn to the

Chatham Pier Fish Market

take out stand and seafood market. The joint has new owners this year, so I had not sampled much beyond the lobster bisque which was quite good!

Kay (my friend) ordered the lobster roll, which is served with French fries and a small side of cole slaw and I had the fish and chips. While waiting you can watch the fisherman bring in their catch of the day, unload their boats, and view seals playing near the fish pier. After a short 8-10 minutes, the take out window server called our names and we took our dinner down the road another 1/4 mile to the beach at the end of Claflin Landing on the public town beach just south of Chatham Bars Inn. We spread out some beach towels and dropped into our beach chairs and proceeded to eat our fare. I was delighted at the portion size of the fish and chips that I ordered but then I tasted the fish and the taste was wonderful light, crispy all white fish no bones and served with a quarter of lemon, truly perfectly prepared. Kay told me that her lobster roll was good too, but it would be another week until I would try one myself. The evening was perfect we watched the sun go down, chatted and enjoyed the fresh ocean breeze.

A few days later, neither Tim nor I felt like cooking dinner (truthfully I never feel like cooking, Tim is the gourmet chef in the family) as it has been hot and muggy. So I headed back to the Chatham Fish and Lobster, thinking that tonight was my turn to try the lobster roll and a cup of lobster bisque. After a short wait, I took home our dinner, and was really shocked at how much better the lobster rolls are than what I remember. The chunks of meat were large and there was a lot of meat in the roll, the roll was a nicely grilled hot dog roll. My only complaint and I am being picky was that the roll had a bit too much celery for me, I guess I am a purist I want just lobster and not much else. But to date I would rate their lobster roll 4 starfish (out of 5) and one of the best roll I have had since coming to Cape Cod, and better yet, I can pick one up 7 days a week (Memorial Day – Columbus Day), just minutes from the Carriage House Inn’s front door.

Paula & Tim Miller
The Carriage House Inn

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