Captain Cass-the Quest for the Best Lobster Roll

Last summer Travel and Leisure magazine wrote an article on the Best of Cape Cod during the high season, and the author had spent many summers in our area of the Cape. So when the author mentioned that Captain Cass was her favorite place to eat lobster rolls, we took notice. Captain Cass restaurant on Rock Harbor in Orleans looks like a lobster shack and is the real deal. Captain Cass is located only 12-15 minutes drive from the Inn

Now a year later, I have to admit that having been there many times for both lunch and dinner, Captain Cass does have wonderful lobster rolls and so much more. First of all the place is on Rock Harbor in Orleans and looks like an old sea side shanty with weathered siding and buoys hanging everywhere. The inside is very, very casual with light blue and white checkered curtain, old wooden tables and chairs and a lunch counter. The decorations on the wall are lobster shells and family photos. There is no liquor license so it is BYOB which is kind of fun, and I must tell you they have the best ice tea north of the Mason Dixon Line, plus they offer other soft drinks as well.

On to the food, the menu is hand written and short. The selections are primarily seafood with items such as a seafood platter, whole lobster dinner, scallop plate, fish and chips, and some items for land lubbers, hamburgers, hot dogs, grilled cheese sandwiches, and for appetizers she-crab stew, clam chowder, deviled crab and onion rings. My sister Margo told me a few weeks ago the fish and chips were some of the best she has ever tasted. But not me, I always order the lobster roll, when you place your order, they take the fresh lobster right from the shell and they keep it in large chunks/pieces they adorn it with just a drop of mayonnaise and then pile it onto a grilled frankfurter roll served with french fries and cole slaw on the side. It is sweet perfection! The menu calls the lobster roll our famous “no filler lobster roll” and in my book they are correct it is the best! We give it our top rating of 5 starfish. Captain Cass is open seasonally May-October, very limited hours (generally 11am – 2pm and 5pm – 8pm and subject to change), has no phone number, does not take a reservation, and is BYOB and cash payment only!

Paula & Tim Miller
The Carriage House Inn

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