Cape Cod’s Secret Beach

Bound Brook – Wellfleet’s Secret Beach

After reading an article in Coastal Living Magazine on secret beaches around the US, we began telling our adventurous guests about this spot. The few souls who found it would come back expounding on how beautiful the beach and dunes are. We did not have a chance to find the beach for ourselves until this week (October) and boy what an unbelievable slice of the Cape. Located down almost a mile of dirt and sand road on the Cape Cod Bay side of Wellfleet, Bound Brook beach is not as convenient as the other National Seashore beaches but so worth the trip due to the natural beauty, isolation, and it’s free!

It isn’t marked by the large brown and cream signs of the other beaches in the National Seashore so you definitely need a good map-we can supply one. The only sign is a small one pointing the way to the Atwood Higgins House. It looks as if you are going down a private road but you are not, just stay the course until you get to a small sand parking lot with room for about 5 or 6 cars.

Looming in front of you are 50 foot high dunes. You can hear the distant sound of waves. Hike up over the two hundred yard stretch of dunes, and from the top of the dunes and the view is deep blue sea, dunes and beach that stretches for what seems like miles. You get a great view of Provincetown to the North miles off in the distance with the spire of the Pilgrim Monument. We settled down in one of the hollows of the dunes, slightly protected from the breeze but still a fabulous view of beach and water and we dozed and read books for the entire afternoon. There are few footprints in the sand just the circular etchings of the dune grass and the clean smell of an ocean breeze. The entire time we were there we never spied another human being. When you get hungry you can head to Wellfleet and eat at some of the best restaurants on the Cape, the Wicked Oyster and Mac’s on the harbor! If this Secret Beach is of interest to you ask us when you arrive and we will show you just how to find beach paradise!

Paula & Tim Miller
The Carriage House Inn

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