Carriage House Inn Awarded Chatham Garden Club’s 2009 Beautification Award

The Carriage House Inn was recently honored at the Chatham Chamber of Commerce’s annual dinner meeting with the Chatham Garden Club’s 2009 Beautification Award for small scale landscaping. The garden club of Chatham was founded in 1968 by 29 women who met to form the club. From the start the Club helped to make the town bloom. They are responsible for beautification of many places in our town. The club came by several times this summer and took pictures that are now displayed in the nicely framed award. Truth be told, we were really excited and proud to receive this award as we do all our own landscaping with the exception of mowing the lawn. Tim has gotten to be quite an expert with the electric hedge trimmers and I have really grown found of pink and white impatiens and hydrangeas, as both flowers do extremely well in this climate. We both feel like the garden could be even better if we just had a few more hours in each day to devote to one of our favorite past times, but then breakfast would never get made and the laundry would pile up, so we sneak out to the garden whenever we can.

A big thank you from the both of us to the Chatham Garden Club!

Paula & Tim Miller
The Carriage House Inn

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