First Night Celebration Cape Cod

2009 has come and gone. To set the stage for a wonderful new year, Chatham put on its 19th annual First Night event. This is the only First Night on the whole Cape. Chatham and all the volunteers put on a jolly good show. The day starts out with the annual Chatham Town picture where citizens from Chatham pose at the Lighthouse for a big group picture. I wouldn’t want to be the one getting hoisted up in the crane to shoot the photo. The afternoon is filled with fun events for young and old alike. You could see opera, rock, bluegrass at many venues located in local churches and the new community center.

Fortunately the drizzly weather did not deter the throngs of people to attend this year. Going up and down Main Street you see as many people strolling the sidewalks as you would in the peak of summer. You could view an ice sculpture of a shark, food vendors at various locations, horse & carriage rides. A quick peek into the Squire and you saw folks still in their outlandish costumes from the Carnival Caper Road race, a run that took place earlier from the Squire to the Lighthouse and back. One of the most intriguing was the gloombox, a box that people could stuff with symbols of their woes and problems from 2009 such as broken promises, bad report cards, bounced checks etc. The box was then paraded down in the noise parade with people tooting horns and banging pots down to the bonfire at Oyster Pond. The box was set ablaze sending all past problems up in a wisp of smoke!

Music and festivities continued until the fireworks at midnight and the dropping of the illuminated “Countdown Cod” with the traditional countdown to the stroke of midnight and the New Year. Our cod is much more interesting than a plain old ball in NYC.

Paula & Tim Miller
The Carriage House Inn

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