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Chatham Fish & Lobster – The Winter Lobster Roll Fix

Being mid-January, most of our favorite seasonal spots for lobster rolls are closed. We needed our fix though. The answer came in Chatham Fish & Lobster, the combo fish market and small restaurant located in the Cornfield Plaza on Rt 28 in Chatham.
Upon entering the clean space you are met by a big display case of prepared entrees and sides. That was not what we were after. We wanted fresh seafood. Three booths are to the side surrounded by displays of food items for sale, a small but pleasing casual atmosphere. Their menu is on a blackboard as well as a special board.

We honed right into the Lobster roll which they describe as fresh, steamed daily, lightly tossed in mayo for $17.99. It was hard to choose another item because there were several different interesting grilled sandwiches such as Blackened Tuna Caesar wrap or grilled salmon or swordfish sandwich. They also had the usual suspects under fried seafood along with now ubiquitous fish tacos, the west coast invention that every place on the east coast now have on their menus. We finally chose the Fried Scallop Caesar $8.99 from the special board and for good measure a cup of their lobster corn chowder $5.99.

The lobster corn chowder was creamy and great depth of flavor. Our only complaint is that we would have liked bigger lobster chunks in the chowder rather than the more shredded pieces that were in it.

The lobster roll did not disappoint. It came on the traditional New England style grilled roll overflowing with big sweet chunks of lobster meat only lightly dressed with mayo. Absolutely delicious. We give it 4 ½ starfish. We would order the potato chips next time as the side of cole slaw was not up to the caliber of lobster roll. The fried scallop Caesar was gigantic. They served 11 big fat fresh sea scallops nicely fried on a large Caesar salad. We admit that we were really only after the scallops but tricked ourselves into thinking we were being healthy by having the salad with it.

Overall this place works because you have the restaurant side getting the freshest seafood due to market adjoining it. Because Chatham Fish and Lobster is open year round and 7 days a week we can get our Lobster roll fix anytime. Winter hours are 9:30am – 5:00pm.

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