Cape Cod Lighthouses

The history of the cape lighthouses is one of the ever changing geologic history of Cape Cod and modernization. There is something that is inherently “New England” and captivating about the Cape Lighthouses. Sentinels of a seafaring way of life over a hundred years ago, the first cape lighthouses were built in the late 1700’s and early 1800’s at the early part of our young nation’s history. Over the years, many have been moved back from the Ocean due to the constant erosion of the sea. The first Chatham Lighthouse was a lard burning lighthouse and was commissioned by President Thomas Jefferson over 200 years ago. Chatham originally had two lighthouses to distinguish them from Highland Light in Truro. One was moved to Eastham in 1923 to replace one of the Three Sisters.

There are well over a dozen lighthouses on Cape Cod with 9 located on the outer Cape. Our favorite Lighthouse is called Chatham Light and it is located just a bit over a mile from the
“A lighthouse is such a potent image, practical because lives depend on it and at the same time utterly romantic, this lonely building on the cusp of land and sea, sending out light into the darkness” Jeannette Winterson

We offer map that will help you discover all the Lighthouses on the Cape here at the Carriage House Inn, and you can easily visit at least 8 of them in one day, grab a picnic and make a day of touring. Our local Cape Cod Times news paper lists tours that being offered each week, and we have that information readily available for our guests here at the Inn. for more information on Lighthouses, check out this link to the National Sea Shore.

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