Carriage House Inn & Our Fabulous Guests

Our Fabulous Guests

One of the best things about being an innkeeper at the Carriage House Inn is meeting and getting to know a varied and interesting group of people, our guests. In short, our guests are wonderful but it is when you get to know them and all of their talents and experiences from around the world that you get the true benefit. One such example is Dave and Jean Anstaett from Lee’s Summit, Missouri. Dave is well known in his area for teaching and writing poetry. He has published three books of poetry. Upon leaving today, Dave presented this prose to us. We were truly touched.

Gatekeepers to the Sea

Two statements define Tim, without limiting:
“I wish I had been at Woodstock” his deep ocean night blue eyes meeting ours.
“I love to cook” the eyes lighten and we can almost
smell the joy evident, cooking, there.

Paula’s smile is quick, is large.
Her jade –blue eyes fill with rays of sunlight
as she mischievously postulates,
“If there are no facilities on the island, it is not a problem.
It is a very big ocean”

These hand holding descendants of the same
but renamed Poseidon and Neptune guide us on our
ocean visit from the Carriage House Inn

Tim dips magical nectar, with Olympian acclaim
from his endless supply of surprises
etched crepes, monograms fruits
passes his trident over each entrée
each morning, each day of our stay sends us off refreshed,
replenished and ready for the sea

Paula guides our stay, our day
Almost Zeusian in her questions
she finds the source of our expectations
signs her advice for fare and voyage with a personal scroll
then sends us off genuinely awaiting our return, our tales

They are Neptune, Poseidon
They are our lighthouses as we navigate
through wave after wave after wave
of perfect vacation

Thank you to all of our guests for enriching our lives and for being so much fun!

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