Hidden Treasure

Yesterday was one of those days when Val and I were able to leave our lovely Cape Cod inn and head out to explore. The weather was bright and sunny with temperatures running in the high forties. We were almost tempted to take Val’s convertible and put the top down! Pretty good for early February. Actually, for the second year in a row we have experienced a very mild winter. We had one snowfall that completely melted in two days.

We ended up at a truly unique and wonderful store right off Route 6 in Truro. We basically had the road to ourselves going out and coming back. That’s another great thing about this time of year – you can have the whole Cape to yourself.

By now you might be thinking that our sojourn took us to Truro Vineyards, but your guess would be wrong. Just before the vineyard is an exit marked “Truro Beaches.” A left at the exit and then again another sharp left will put you in the parking lot of the Atlantic Spice Company.

Now, hang on before you say “What’s so special about a spice store?” Read on. When we opened the door of this combination store/warehouse, we were hit with an incredible blast of aromas that filled the air. It was really unique. Later when we were leaving, we both commented on how our senses had adjusted from that first onslaught.

The spice company was stocked with an endless variety of spices and herbs. For our many tea drinking guests, there are perhaps more teas here than anywhere else we have seen.

Aisle after aisle of wire shelving displayed a variety of oils, cookbooks, potpourri, glassware and ingredients of all kind, packaged in small portions to bulk.

When we checked out with the very personable and helpful staff, we had purchased a wonderful cookbook, especially for Vegan recipes. That, of course, is one of Val’s great specialties. It’s one thing to prepare gourmet breakfasts for our guests with no food allergies, but she does the same for guests who are lactose intolerant, vegetarian, have nut allergies, or follow gluten free and vegan diets. So, another fantastic cookbook has been added to her already extensive collection.

We left with a bulk bag of bay leaves. I think they will be handed down to our great grandchildren! We also purchased some cardamom, cinnamon sticks, poppy seeds and some wine gadgets. You can find all their offerings at www.atlanticspice.com or call at 800-316-7965.

There are a couple of other Hidden Treasures to be found on beautiful Cape Cod, including P. B. Boulangerie in Wellfleet and Lemon Tree Plaza in Brewster, but that’s a subject for another blog entry.

Next time you visit the romantic Carriage House Inn in Chatham, put the Atlantic Spice Company on your places to visit list.

We left the spice company and drove through the hills of Truro, discovered “downtown Truro” (4 or 5 little stores and the Post Office) and enjoyed the views from several beaches.

As we traveled home, the sun was setting on Cape Cod Bay and we enjoyed a beautiful sunset. We’re thrilled that the days are getting longer. Tonight we’ll enjoy the full moon as it rises over the ocean at Lighthouse Beach.

Hope to see you soon,

Val and Jim Mellett
The Carriage House Inn

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