Deep Sea Fishing on Cape Cod


Cape Cod offers some of the best deep sea saltwater fishing anywhere. A day of fishing on the Cape is an exciting and memorable experience for the whole family! Some of the popular species found in Cape Cod waters are Striped Bass, Bluefish, Bonito, Tuna, Cod, Mackerel and even Sharks.

Deep-sea or offshore fishing involves fishing out on the open ocean, farther from shore. The easiest way to experience offshore angling for those with limited experience or total novices is to book a fishing charter. Booking with a charter allows you to have the incredible experience of deep sea fishing with pros that have all the gear you need, will take you to the best fishing spots, help you manage your rod and even clean & fillet your catch!  When researching Deep Sea Fishing Cruise companies, be sure to ask some questions before booking your trip.

Good questions to ask Charter Guide:

  • Length of the trip
  • What species you’ll be targeting
  • What should you bring? (are food & drinks provided or do you need to bring? Cooler for fish. Can you bring your own rod? Zip lock freezer bags for fillets)
  • How many people can the boat hold?
  • What’s the boat’s policy on the fish that are caught?

Also, be sure to pack appropriately and be prepared, it’s good to ask the company you are going out with, but here is a list of what you should be sure to bring along for your trip:

  • Camera
  • Sun glasses
  • Sun screen
  • Rain jacket and pants, if showers are forecast
  • Warm clothing – sometimes it is cooler than you might think offshore, so bring a jacket and sweatpants if wearing shorts
  • Shoes – no bare feet while fishing
  • Anti-motion sickness medication (Dramamine, motion sickness patches) 

Still not convinced?

Then these “3 Reasons Cape Cod Fishing Charters Make a Great Vacation”* will have you booking your excursion by the time you finish reading!

Reason No. 1: You have a captive audience

When you have your kids out on a deep sea fishing boat, there is really no way they can avoid you. There will be no cell service, so texting is out. Help them bait a hook and just wait for a surface strike from a tuna or striped bass and watch them get with the program. Charter companies like Salt Shaker Sportfishing have decades of experience, so they will take you to where the fish are biting and make sure you create a memorable day out.

Reason No. 2: Fishing is fun sure you create a memorable day out.

No matter how much your kids protest, once they feel the ocean breeze and see people fighting with fish that weigh up to 250 pounds, they will forget all about their friends and the life they left behind and become immersed in the battle between man and fish. Your children will welcome your help after they’ve spent 15 or 20 minutes trying to reel in a fish bigger than they are. You’ll share more laughs in one day of sport fishing than you might have enjoyed all year. Cape Cod fishing charters bring families together for a day you’ll talk about long after you’ve eaten the last of your catch.

Reason No. 3: The thrill of competition

Sport fishing is an activity where kids are on an even playing field with adults. Just because you outweigh them by 100 pounds doesn’t mean you’ll catch a bigger fish. When you book a charter with a company like Patriot Party Boats, you are definitely going to catch fish. Whether you catch a bigger fish than your son or daughter is yet to be determined, and the competition definitely adds some intensity and fun to your day on the water.

Cape Cod fishing charters come in a variety of price points, depending on whether you want to spend a full day or half day on the water. Some boats require you book the entire charter, while others allow you to buy individual tickets.

*Source: Blog 

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Fishing Charters On Cape Cod

Don’t leave the Cape without catching a big one!

Best time to fish for the following species**


Species Mar April May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov
Cod, Pollack, Halibut, Monk,
Wolf, Haddock
Giant Bluefin Tuna         X X X X X
Striped Bass & Bluefish       X X X X X  
School & Medium Tuna       X X X X X X
Shark       X X X X X  

**Chart Source-Big Fish Charters