Chatham in Winter

Although we are closed for more exciting renovations this winter season, you can usually also vacation in the winter on Cape Cod at Carriage House Inn. With miles of beaches, quaint seaside villages, fresh seafood, and ice cream shops on every corner, it is obvious why Cape Cod is a popular summer destination for travelers all over the world. What most people don’t realize is that there are countless reasons why Cape Cod, and Chathamin particular, is perfect for a winter getaway.



Top 10 Reasons to Visit Chatham, MA in the Winter:

10. Travel by car from Boston to Chatham in just 90 minutes.
9. Get a last minute reservation at Chatham’s Impudent Oyster, DelMar Bistro or Bluefins.
8.  No matter what the weather, enjoy current films and a wonderful meal at the Orpheum Theater in Chatham.
7. Easily find a parking spot at Chatham Light where you can sip a latte from town and watch the sun rise over the fishing boats in the harbor.
6. It only takes 30 minutes to get to the shops in Provincetown and many remain open.
5. Get into the holiday spirit and enjoy special hometown celebrations, like Christmas-by-the-Sea and First Night Chatham with Chef Peter’s amazing complimentary brunch and buffets, 70 jazz and dance performances and fireworks!
4. Stroll down Main Street Shopping and take advantage of fantastic winter discounts.
3. Enjoy the best fried oysters & whole belly clams at the Mac’s Fish & Lobster in Chatham– and know you don’t have to be seen in a bathing suit the next day!
2. You can get a last minute couples spa appointment at Chatham Bars or Le Petite Day Spa and relish in complete relaxation.
1. The Carriage House Inn has cozy fireplaces in many rooms and the Guest Lounge Hearth is always welcoming!